Kishegy, aka the Badacsony of the south shore with a peacefully undulating, Pinterest-worthy landscape, is a mere ten-minute car ride from the centre of Balatonlelle, offering everything you could wish for from wines, great food and a stunning Balaton panorama to undisturbed tranquillity.

Kishegy is one of the epicentres of South Balaton winemaking for a reason. On your way here you can drop by Bujdosó Winery, and you'll find Garamvári Vineyard, Pócz WineryKonyári Wine Cellar and Konyári Guest House, as well as Majthényi Press House, also part of the Konyári fleet, on the hill, not to mention Hegyi Csárda, the non plus ultra of the genre. The Szabó family, the one that refills the milk vending machine, is also based here.

Kishegy idyll with old-school router. The photos say it all: the population is scarce…

...the human population, that is.

Left or right? Kishegy is the kind of place where you shouldn’t mind getting lost.

This is where the 75-hectare Garamvári Vineyard begins.

Not your average backyard.

The Garamvári team wants to set an example with this renegade wine press.

Hitchhikers by the road. They don't like paparazzi.

Konyári Wine Cellar or a postcard from Tuscany?

We drank it all - at least we would have liked to.

Benches like this are easy to find, but the trees are pretty exceptional.

If asked in Szent Donát Chapel, even those would say yes who love their cats more than anything.

The entrance of the press house. It opens at noon - why rush?

Such a view makes it hard to concentrate on the food.

Okay, that's a lie. Even though the cuisine at Majthényi is not particularly innovative or creative, their simple dishes are delicious, the portions are filling, and while the prices are a bit higher due to the location, we didn't feel like pouring money down the drain.

The more beautiful the view is, the faster the calories gobbled up at lunchtime burn.

Scenic fields of golden wheat.

Follow the sign for a great meal.

Nothing is covered in breadcrumbs here, and fries are taboo as well. All ingredients are fresh and/or locally grown. The menu, which has about ten items, is dominated by Hungarian flavours.

The drinks menu mainly features syrups; the only reason coke hasn't been banished is because German patrons like it. If only all csárdas were like this - even though Hegyi wouldn't be such a rare gem then.

If the skies are clear, you can see all the way to Badacsony, and dinner is served with a side of an amazing sunset. See you soon, Kishegy - and not only on Pinterest.