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Fewer beaches to take your dog dipping to


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21/05/2015 1.33pm

The map compiled by EB OVO shows that there are now more places to for a dipping with your dog around Hungary, but the trend seems to be heading the opposite direction by Lake Balaton. Last year, there were 7 dog-friendly beaches. this year, there are only 5.

The starting point in our case is a regulation stating that you cannot take your dog with you into Lake Balaton. Fortunately, there are three exceptions to this rule:

- Kővágóörs, Kutyaparadicsom
- Fonyód, Alsóbélatelep
- Tihany's Lake Belső

Somewhat further from the shore, but still close to the Balaton, there two additional spots:

- Veszprém, Séd Creek
- Zalaegerszeg, Lake Gébárti

EB OVO's 2014 map still includedthe east end of the paying beach in Csopak as well as Club Aliga, however these are now eliminated from the list.

Last autumn, we also visited Balatonfűzfő's FALKA Strand event, where the organizers thrown together a day of dipping for dogs at the end of the season. Due to the approaching high season, this can only be repeated in the autumn the soonest.

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