Bed, table, champagne - New facilities at the Kreinbacher Winery


  • Bagi László

5/24/2015 3:07 PM

We already introduced the winemaking facilities of the Kreinbacher Birtok in our feature on modern winery buildings. The complex at the foot of Somló Hill that reflects the volcanic structure of Somló now includes a wine bar, a restaurant and accommodation.

The winery and the ultramodern processing plant were finished by 2013, while the eye candy section housing the restaurant, the wine bar and the guest rooms, designed by Dezső Ekler and Biva Inspiration was opened around April and May this year.

Photo: László Bagi - We Love Balaton

The accommodation puts are altogether 16 rooms at the service of guest. The unique design with old lamps and wine barrel hoops - a reference to the vineyard - will soon be extended to the front yard, which will sport new garden landscaping elements. The winery puts down its coin by "silence tourism" instead of wellness, which marketing catchphrase had us instantly.

Photo: Bagi László

The lobby is rustic and industrial at the same time thanks to the simultaneous use of oak, metal and glass. The carpet of the lounge section hints at the region's famous basalt organs.

Photo: Bagi László

We tried the daily à la carte dishes of the restaurant, starting with a beef cheek essence with ravioli (990 HUF): the flavour is clear and intensive, the dish is harmonious.

Photo: Bagi László

The vegetables with chili-ginger soy dressing on the side of the honey chicken breast display oriental traits. The main courses cost between 2690 and 3490 HUF.

Photo: László Bagi - We Love Balaton

Last, a coconut milk rice pudding (in character similar to panna cotta) arrives to our table (990 HUF), with a bit of pistachio, strawberry and Kreinbacher Brut Nature champagne atop.

The Kreinbacher Winery is very consciously developing. They have long been known for their wines; then they came forward with a champagne that at once became the focal theme in the Hungarian gastro scene, and now the recently opened restaurant, wine bar and hotel definitely draw even more attention to the Somló Hill, where grapes are turned into wine.

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