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New harbour for Balatonfüred with ferry season in full swing

A blue ribbon day at Balatonfüred, with the unveiling of a new harbour, Kékszalag, capable of accommodating some 140 sailing boats.


Boats to sail between Balatonakali and Balatonszemes – with free service for locals

Get on board for the new boat service between Balatonakali and Balatonszemes this summer – running from Friday to Sunday.


Wizz Air to fly out of Hévíz-Balaton airport from June

Off the radar for many years, Hévíz-Balaton at Sármellék is now back in the frame with the news that Hungarian budget carrier Wizz Air will be using the airport for Dortmund flights from this June.


100 years of driving around Lake Balaton

In the early days of motorised transport, Lake Balaton quickly filled with cars, while decent roads and rest stops were created to serve them. This pioneeering era was captured by the photographers of the day.

The popularity of Lake Balaton meant that railways, decent roads and, in time, even a motorway were built to help tourists get there quickly and comfortably. From the archives of public resource Fortepan, here’s a selection of photographs depicting cars at Lake Balaton from the past century.

1925, Siófok. An automobile gets a refill in the middle of Siófok’s busy main street.

1933, Balatonalmádi. A group pose around a dream car.

1935, Lepsény. A humorous sign reminds drivers to go slowly in order to avoid ending up in the cemetery.

1940, Balatonkenese. The town didn’t look like a resort as it does now.

1943, Tihany-Gödrös. This summer photo was taken during World War II at one of the army’s training camps for students of mechanics.

1943, Szántód. A 1935 Ford V8 Modell 48 at the ferry port.

1951, Balatonkeresztúr. A Skoda 1101 Tudor taxi on Main Road 7, with Badacsony in the background.

1956, Székesfehérvár. Pictured below are the so-called mini cars named Alba Regia and Balaton.

1957, Siófok. A Buick Roadmaster at the dock.

1959, Tihany. A hatchback Ikarus bus at the dock.

1961, Szántód. A member of the new ferry fleet.

1964, Balatonakarattya. Two women washing a car at the beach.

1965, Balatonkeresztúr. With cars came rest stops: Utasellátó and Autóscsárda were popular places for a quick bite.

1966, Siófok. A policeman controls traffic on the town’s main street.

1967, Balatonakarattya. Main Road 71 and a hitchhiker.

1971, somewhere in Lake Balaton.  A Trabant 601 gets a wash by the waterfront.

1972, Balatonfüred. The view from the Marina Hotel.

1975, somewhere along highway M7. The opening ceremony after the Balatonvilágos section of highway M7 was finished.

1977, Balatonföldvár. A Hungarian police officer checks Italian tourists travelling in a Mini Morris.

1979, Balatonboglár. Rubor buses in front of a hotel.

1982, Balatonfüred. Tamás Urbán’s legendary photograph was taken at a new-wave festival: the awakening Hungarian punk scene wasn’t welcomed by the police, standing in the background.

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Giro d’Italia cycle race roadshow rolls by Balaton

Think pink! The Giro d’Italia cycle race and its road show will be running through Badacsony, Tihany and Balatonfüred this Sunday afternoon, 8 May.


Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth confirmed for B my Lake stage at Balaton Sound

Catch big-name international DJs at Balaton Sound this year, which is merging with B my Lake this summer between 29 June and 2 July.


B my Lake festival to run at same time and place as Balaton Sound

There's an electroclash of music festivals at Balaton this year, as B my Lake and Balaton Sound now combine at the Zamárdi site from late June. Full line-up details expected soon!


The widow of the nation – Mrs Sándor Petőfi, the wife and muse who inspired Hungary’s hero of 1848

The woman behind the legend, Sándor Petőfi's wife, Júlia Szendrey, was as revolutionary as her husband, independent, talented and a published author in her own right. Yet her story is barely told...