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Badacsony Hableány set to resurface


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19/03/2018 3.00pm

The popular terrace Kishableány won’t be serving any basalt burgers this year but the future of the Hableány building in Badacsony is rather exciting: visitors will be guided through the process of winemaking from beginning to end.

Those visiting Badacsony may have noticed something happening with the iconic building in the center of town, Hableány, now under reconstruction.

The building, owned by the Laposa family, is to remain an important community space in Badacsony – but in a different form than before. Bence and Zsófi Laposa presented their plans at a recent town meeting, fielding questions regarding the building’s future.

According to Bence, Kishableány, the Little Mermaid restaurant that operated on the terrace of the neglected main building known to all as Hableány, was always meant to be a temporary measure to keep the place in the public eye.

In the long run, the Laposas would like to create an exhibition space. Following refurbishment, though, Hableány will primarily be a winery, also showcasing the winemaking process from harvesting to bottling. 

The new Hableány will have the following functions:

  • Winery
  • Sparkling wine factory
  • Restaurant
  • Event space

According to Zsófi, they will keep the original ceramic creations of Éva Kumpost on the façade, and the sculpture called Hal (“Fish”) by Miklós Borsos will still be on display in front of the building.  

According to current plans, most of the works will be completed by the start of this year's season. Kishableány and the usual beach food selection return for the summer of 2019.

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