Pörc Bistro opens in Balatonkenese


  • Chilembu Krisztina

7/17/2018 3:15 PM

The homely Pörc Bistro has opened next to the popular deli of the same name in Balatonkenese. Here, you'll find sausages and beef patties being grilled in an open kitchen.

Pörc Delicatessen opened in Balatonkenese’s centre in 2014. The owner and manager, Jenő Kocsis, comes from a family of butchers with their own factory. During weekends, people queue up in front of the shop where the selection not only includes a wide range of meat products but also goats' cheese, homemade spreads and quality Italian coffee.

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Balaton

A change of plans

Although there were Pörc delis in Budapest and Sopron as well, it turned out that cities and homely butcher’s shops don’t really get along. So, after all, Pörc stayed in Balatonkenese and has since been expanded.

According to Kocsis, who’s seemingly familiar with about 95 percent of the locals, neither the location of the new bistro, nor the timing of its opening, turned out as planned but when he got the opportunity, he seized it and decided to open the new place here and now.

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Balaton

Meat galore

The menu is concise. Just a glance at the bistro’s wall tells visitors that a grill platter includes crackling or ribs, cheese, rocket and cherry tomatoes. Chef Kornél Tarlósi worked at Olívia in Veszprém before joining Pörc and, like the other staff, he works in a shirt with a tie and an apron, even when it’s scorching hot outside. The outfit is the Kocsis family tradition and shows respect towards the guests.

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Balaton

The various sausages are available with bean salad and spiced plum chutney (2,400 HUF). The burgers also come in different versions, including vegetarian with chickpea patty (1,890-2,200 HUF). You can also order these with chips, coleslaw and mixed pickles. There’s dessert, too, of course: they have cold curd-cheese dumplings with lemon peel and oatmeal crumble (890 HUF). As for drinks, Pörc has 80 types of wine, craft beers by Stari and an abundance of pálinka grappa.

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Balaton

Future plans

It seems like the new bistro is popular with deli patrons old and new. As for the future, the manager has yet to say anything about staying open in winter. There are also plans for a big project which Kocsis will reveal all in good time.

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