The hike to Csönge-hegy is an easy one, perfect for a lazy day – and the view from this hill beside Salföld is worth every step.

There's a lookout tower on top of Csönge-hegy next to Salföld that was built in 2015 by the Balaton Uplands National Park. This is a truly welcoming spot, and you hardly have to climb to get up here.

Still, it's high enough to provide a great view of the Káli Basin stretching all the way to Hegyestű. When the weather is clear, you can even make out Balaton and Balatonboglár hlll. The three-storey lookout tower is free to enter and open all year long.

How to get there: Leave Salföld via Rákóczi utca, where you can also find a car park. Follow the T-sign through the study trail leading to the lookout tower.