Lake Balaton has a wonderful ecosystem, one that must be protected. The Balaton Uplands National Park offers a few simple tips that you can easily follow in order to help conservation.

Don’t disturb the reeds

Don’t disturb reeded areas, as birds and other creatures live there. The reeds have an important filtering role at shallow lakes, marshlands and reservoirs. These areas are important habitats for both vertebrate and invertebrate aquatic communities and species. From protected and endangered types of dragonfly to breeding birds, the reeds are home to an abundance of animals who should not be disturbed.

Mind the rubbish

Try not to litter. Make sure to always use the designated rubbish bins, as particles can be absorbed by plants and animals, and can ultimately harm humans through the food chain. Also, collect and dispose of the waste selectively.

Use long-lasting or degradable products

Avoid using plastic, such as straws, bags and cups. These are harmful to the environment and can easily be replaced. Plastic products can easily end up in the natural environment, endangering humans and animals alike. Try to avoid single-use plastic and instead opt for longer lasting, maybe even degradable bottles, cups, and cutlery during your holiday.

Be quiet

Try to spare both nature and those around you from unnecessary noise as it might disturb the activities of various songbirds.

Don’t feed the water birds

Please do not feed water birds. Eating lots of bread and other pastries can make the birds ill, not to mention that a large supply of food in summer can alter the birds’ migratory behaviour as they get used to being fed. It also increases the bird crowding, which can lead to aggression and cause physical harm. Make sure to also teach children that humans are responsible for wildlife.

Follow the rules

Make sure to follow the rules for fishing and bathing. Don’t risk the safety of yourself and others, including that of wildlife. If you're angling, never leave fishing lines behind as it can harm animals.

Only smoke in designated areas