The high shore at Balatonaliga by Balatonvilágos is the perfect spot for watching the sunset over Lake Balaton.

The eastern shore, stretching from Balatonaliga to Balatonfűzfő, is often called the gateway to Lake Balaton. From its higher points, you can see the entire eastern basin of the lake, with Tihany at the end. Close to the Balaton Bike Ring, the Panoráma Lookout at Balatonvilágos is one of these sites. Sitting on a bench at the top of the high shore gives you the perfect view of a storm passing over the lake or the setting sun painting the sky blue-orange. 

Besides the breathtaking view, there’s a large wooden bridge dedicated to lovers. Passing under it is said to make the bond between couples unbreakable.

To reach this site, head for Csók István sétány – various lanes and alleyways lead to it from Dobó István utca, the main street in Balatonvilágos.