The top of Fekete-hegy, a volcanic hill with a basalt rim, is home to a lookout tower offering a stunning view of Lake Balaton’s north shore.

Bordering Káli-medence to the north, Fekete-hegy is a fascinating volcanic formation. Covered in woodland, the plateau of this hill offers a wonderful landscape, with moors and small lakes that are periodically filled with water. Although today the water level of these lakes fluctuates, a few centuries ago they were ideal for fishing.

The Eötvös Károly Lookout Tower was built on the summit in 1950. The original basalt structure was replaced with a wooden one in 1978. The redwood tower is 369 metres tall and from the top you can see land stretching out for kilometres into the distance. Káli-medence, Bakony, the various hills of the area and Lake Balaton are all visible in clear weather. Then you can climb back down and enjoy the fresh water of a spring, or wine at one of the many cellars of the region.

To reach it, follow the National Blue Trail from the stone found on the edge of Szentbékkálla. You can also follow the yellow triangle signposting from Köveskál, or start from Balatonhenye and follow the National Blue Trail from there.