Scaling the 400 metres to reach the top of Gulács is no mean feat but it’s definitely worth the trouble.

Of all the hills in the Tapolca region, Gulács is the one most reminiscent of a volcano. You can easily see it from the south shore, although it does seem modest compared to Badacsony. Still, it has a lot to offer, from basalt organs and stone fields to cool springs. Mining took place here for a long time, and the scars it left are still visible on the northern side.

The road to the summit starts with a slight slope that becomes steeper as you get closer to the top. Once you’re up there, you’ll be greeted by woodland, so in order to see the beautiful view, you’ll have to look for clearings between the trees.

To reach it, either go along the green route from the centre of Nemesgulács, then switch to the blue triangle that leads to the summit, or follow the National Blue Trail from the road that connects Badacsonytomaj and Nemesgulács. Your third option is to follow the blue trail from Káptalantóti: it suddenly takes a right turn into the forest of Gulács. This won’t take you all the way to the summit, you'll need the blue triangle for that.

Be alert, as it’s very easy to get lost here, especially on the way down, so it’s best to time your hike when you're certain to get back before dusk.