It’s been a long wait, since September 2019, in fact, but at last you can visit Balaton’s most beautiful castle, Szigliget. Renovation of the impressive structure will nevertheless continue until spring 2021, due to delays caused by the pandemic.

Improvements have been made to Szigliget Castle over many years, but serious reconstruction only began in September 2019, when this landmark was closed to the public. Interactive visual elements are also being installed, backed by 470 million forints of government money, and 60 million raised by Szigliget.

The Tóti-Lengyel Gate has been given a portcullis and a coat of arms, while the Bálint Török Gate is lined with a narrow walkway. The Upper Újlaki Gate was built up further and areas on this level were covered and walled up. The Benedictine Tower has been rebuilt, and the vaulted passage between it and the newly roofed Palace Wing renovated and painted.

The interactive exhibitions will be ready by April 2021, completing the full development.

Szigliget Castle
Szigliget, Kisfaludy utca 26
Open: Daily June 9am-7pm, July-Aug 8am-8pm
Admission: 1,000 HUF, 3-18s 500 HUF