Balaton cyclists to get an easier ride in 2021


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24/11/2020 11.45am

Hungarian state rail MÁV and the Hungarian Cycling Club are putting their heads together to make travel easier for cyclists. Ideas include simplifying the ticket system on trains and even taking your bike on the bus. Nothing is yet set in stone but the signs are good for easier cycling to, around and from Balaton in 2021!

Among the many proposals being considered by state rail MÁV and the Hungarian Cycling Club are a traffic-light system to show how many bikes are being taken on each train, green indicating plenty of space, red for full up.

Multi-lingual brochures, instructive materials and illustrations aimed at cyclists from the summer of 2021 should also help them park their bikes safely and in the appropriate place.

Photo: We Love Balaton - We Love Balaton

Other ideas include promoting B+R car parks (shared car and bicycle parking spaces) and cycling to work by train.

Rail-related cycling habits will be assessed by the end of 2020. In early 2021, a working group will develop concrete proposals to address the needs of cyclists.

Earlier this year, a record number of cyclists, almost 88,000, used train services to Balaton. Due to the increased traffic, from August onwards, carriages with greater storage capacity were added to high-speed trains serving the south shore.

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