Despite the current pandemic restrictions across Hungary, Hévíz, the large thermal lake near Balaton, remained open to the public until the end of November. Closed earlier this week, this popular attraction may even reopen as early as 12 December, depending on current discussions at official level.

With all spas and baths closed in Budapest, it may be a surprise to some that the famed healing waters of Hévíz, just west of Lake Balaton, had remained open. However, a decision by head national physician Cecília Müller forced Hévíz to close temporarily on 1 December. If the measures are lifted, with an announcement due to be made on 11 December, Hévíz may even reopen the next day.

Meanwhile, outpatient care, active rheumatology and priority inpatient care, physiotherapy treatments and diagnostic departments continue to operate in the indoor spa.