With new types of train tickets, the rail electrified along the north shore and everything more cycle-friendly, Balaton is all set for travellers this summer.

Trains to Balaton

Until 19 June, trains from Budapest to Balaton will still be running according to the pre-season schedule, stopping more frequently around Siófok and Balatonmáriafürdő, with dining cars provided on some InterCity services.

Passengers can also select the popular Duo tickets introduced in 2020, Balaton24 (1,990 HUF/under-26s 1,390 HUF) and Balaton72 (4,990 HUF/under-26s 2,990 HUF). Valid for one or three days, they be used indefinitely for train lines around Balaton (including the Balatonfenyves mini-gauge rail), and on Volánbusz buses between 123 destinations around the lake.

The electrification of the line along the north shore, is expected to be completed in a few days. Until then, replacement buses will still be running between Székesfehérvár and Balatonfüred.

Cycling around Balaton

Bicycle transport on this line will only be available from 31 May, when the Kék Hullám InterCity will run between Budapest and Balatonfüred every two hours with a high-capacity bicycle carriage. At least eight bicycle spaces are provided on the high-speed trains serving the south shore on weekdays, 32-36 at weekends.