Packed with superb photography, handy maps and easy-to-follow recipes, with texts in English and Hungarian, newly published ‘How to cook at Lake Balaton’ encourages year-round tourism for discerning diner, budding chef and cyclist alike.

Inspiration is the key here, whether it’s a wine retreat, a stellar poppy cake or a fine fish dish. As well as a fascinating read, How to cook at Lake Balaton also functions as a guidebook, showcasing the rapidly developing cuisine and natural features of Hungary’s favourite getaway.

Year-round Balaton tourism

Come all year round, by car, train or bicycle, and taste the unique flavours of Lake Balaton,” says Balázs Csapody, owner of the acclaimed Kistücsök restaurant, one of the many expert voices given a platform here. The shared goal is to make Balaton a go-to destination out of high season, too. Underpinning the project is the Hungarian Tourism Association Foundation.

As a coffee-table hardback of 200+ pages, How to cook at Lake Balaton still works as a practical resource, as its numerous cycling itineraries, encompassing a handful of gastronomic destinations and cultural highlights within easy reach of each other, all come with QR codes. Scan these into your phone, and you’re set!

In addition to the numbered stops, you are also given hands-on advice on where to join – and leave – the Balaton Bike Tour. Even those familiar with Balaton should discover more thanks to interviews with key players in local dining and hospitality.

These presentations, of restaurants and culinary masters, come complete with recipes, wine recommendations and a legendary story or two. 

So, this is a book for all seasons – how to cook local dishes, how to find a great winery and how to appreciate the special attractions particular to Lake Balaton – and forms part of the How to Cook series stretching across 20 years and 20 publications.  


How to cook at Lake Balaton
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