Using research ongoing since 2006 on a fortress dating back to Late Antiquity at Fenékpuszta near Keszthely, a 3D reconstruction of its buildings and an outline of a future archaeological park has been unveiled at the Balaton Museum: Castrum Virtuale – Time Travel at the Fenékpuszta Roman Fort.

They’ve been digging around Fenékpuszta for nearly a 150 years, but we are still discovering its secrets to this day. In 2009, excavations on the Roman fortress were resumed with the involvement of the Göcsej Museum in Zalaegerszeg, the Balaton Museum in Keszthely, the Leipzig Institute for History & Culture of Central & Eastern Europe and the Ruprecht Karl University in Heidelberg.  

One part of the exhibition digitally recreates the former defensive system and fortress buildings in the form of 3D reconstructions.

The source of the cover photo is Youtube.