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On occasion of Hungarian National Parks Week, the Balaton-felvidéki National Park will entertain you with exciting programmes on the shore of Lake Balaton. In the frame of the event series, you can visit the Hegyestű, Csopak, Vörs, Gyenesdiás and Cave Lóczy.


15 June - Hegyestű
Enjoy geological games, a volcanic fairytale, colouring pages, puzzles and 3D postcards.
(Registration deadline: 16 PM, 12 June)

16 June - Csopak
Participate in the water test of a stream and explore the Dormouse Study Trail.
(Registration deadline: 15 June)

17 June - Vörsi tájház- Vörs Folkhouse

18 June - Balatonfüred, Cave Lóczy
Explore the cool depth of the cave, then enjoy a geo-tale and fun kids' activities outside.
(Registration deadline: 16 PM, 17 June)

18-19 June, Kis-Balaton

19 June, Gyenesdiás
Join the National Park rangers on a firefly tour from the Nagymező to the Berzsenyi lookout tower.

21 June - Tihany, Levendula Ház Visitor Centre
Get to know Hungarian folk instruments, try them and join in a singing. Free.

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