Valley of Arts is a unique cultural event series in the picturesque setting of Kapolcs and its environs between 24 July and 2 August.

An inimitable milieu of yards, nooks of valleys, streets and village houses. Entering a gate, you can bump into an improvised theatre show, a handicraft workshop, a roast, swirling folk dancers or a concert, embraced in a familiar atmosphere, peace and the colours of Hungarian culture.

The largest arts festival of Hungary awaits guests with cca. 500 programs, hundreds of artists and dozens of venues for 10 days. The event is hosted by Kapolcs, Vigántpetend, and Taliándörögd this year, too.

In 2015, Hello Wood moves closer to the premises with its own little village, separate musical line-up and kids' camp, while the Momentán Company will also launch its own venue.

Recommended concerts:

Lajkó Félix (szóló hegedű-citera)
Korai Öröm
Modern Art Orchestra
Harcsa Veronika - Gyémánt Bálint Duó
Varró Dániel

Detailed program guide HERE.

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