Ecotourism in abundance, a steamboat, 3D cinema, gastronomy and history. In the second chapter of what''s hot at Balaton in 2014 we picked some of the tips by the Hungarian Tourism Ltd.


New Bikepath in Tihany

The Balaton Bike Ring was expanded with another branch in October 2013. Before, the Tihany byway of the RIng had only run as far as the boat stop. From now on, you can ride straight on to the port and the popular farm gate market, Tihanyi PIAC Marketplace, since it moved there last year.


Gasztro Élménybirtok, Rádpuszta

Rádpuszta had been known for the formidable sound of bullwhips, but now the horse-centered thematics has been expanded with other popular themes, i.e. wine and gastronomy. The Cellar of Hungarian Wines opened on the Rádpuszta estate at the beginning of 2014, which also brought about a name change for the estate from Rádpuszta Csárda és Szabadidő Centrum to Gasztro Élménybirtok. While equestrian programmes continue on ground level, your glass will be filled with the selections fromHungarian wine regions, Hungarian champagnes and pálinkas down in the Cellar of Hungarian Wines.


Bock Bistro Balaton

There is no need to explain this. We Love Balaton already discussed the birth of the newest member of the popular Bock restaurant "family", and we also attended the February opening. The Balaton branch of Bock adds local flavours - those of Blaton and Zala County - to the Bock quality we have been accostumed to in Budapest. It is an open secret that Bock Bistro Balaton aims to become a "Kistücsök of the north shore". We are eager to see what they can cook up at Vonyarcvashegy.


Ecotourism as far as the eye sees

2014 will be the year of entertaining education and touchscreens at Lake Balaton. Visitor centres will pop up around a row of natural attractions, bringing you interactive equipment, a 3D-cinema, aquariums, and educational trails. The visitor centre of the Cave Lake at Tapolca is planned to open in the spring, similar to the visitor centre on the Tagore Promenade in Balatonfüred, the aquariums of which will display every type of fish living in Lake Balaton. At Badacsonytördemic, the complex built in the place of the old beach will also boast of a educational water trail, while in Gyenesdiás and its surroundings you will be able to admire and learn about the local hills and valleys by visiting the new visitor centre and also by walking the renewed hiking trails.


Herbal tourism on both shores

Ecotourism and visitor centres cont.: both Zánka and Balatonőszöd build a natural theme park, and very similar ones at that. On the south shore, the Nemzeti Gyógynövény Mintakert (National Herb Garden, Balatonőszöd), on the north shore, the Gyógynövény-völgy (Herb Valley, Zánka) will guide you through the herbs of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. Both parks will satisfy the curiosity of those, who wish to know everything about using herbs as cures at home. The park in Balatonőszöd is expected to open at the end of summer, the one in Zánka might be finished by autumn.


Hévíz's new side

Hévíz is not only about thermal waters. The city claims to be more:  the Korok és Borok sétaút (Eras and Wines Path) will present the one-time buzz of the Egregy district of a few thousand years before. By strolling along the path, you can glimpse into local history as far as Roman times. According to the plans, the Eras and Wines Path will not only be a place for ruin gazing; it will also offer experiences of local gastronomy and wines. The path will also have a museum, a spice garden and a playground to entertain all.


The very first steamboat of Balaton hits the waves again

It was the renowned István Széchenyi, 19th century Minister of Transport himself who originally launched the Kisfaludy steamboat, and now the politicians of our age can pull off the same: the steamboat will be rebuilt by summer 2014. The Kisfaludy will be re-launched in Balatonfüred, where it will continue to serve passengers after, of course, having satisfied the statesmen at the launching ceremony. It will serve as a cruise boat, a museum and an exclusive venue for different events.