Riesling is the most typical wine of the Balaton, present in almost all the wineries of the region. Riesling and Welschriesling, on warm spring days and summer evenings, in itself or in a fröccs - just drink it. We Love Balaton''s subjective list for the summer, with recommendations by Balázs Csapody and András Dobai.


Jásdi csopaki RiESLING

When it comes to Lake Balaton and Riesling, the first things that come into our mind are Csopak and István Jásdi. This is what we'd recommend if we had to choose only one. You can find the Csopaki Riesling in supermarkets as well, but it is best to have a glass (or bottle) of it on the terrace of the Jásdi Wine Cellar. After that you can move on to the other single-vineyard Reislings (from Lőczedomb and Siralomvágó) by Jásdi.


Kislaki Jánoshegy Riesling

The Kislaki Wine Manufacture of Balatonboglár-Szőlőskislak clipped down its name to Kislaki this year, but its popularity among the fans of artisan wine is still unbroken. You can meet Géza Légli in person at the Etyek Picnic as well. The name Jánoshegy does not refer to the highest point of Budapest, János-hegy (529 m), but the vinehill where Géza Légli's Riesling grapes are grown.


2HA Szent György-hegyi WELSCHRIESLING

The most exciting move of 2HA on Szent György-hegy is undoubtedly the red Tabunello, made of the Italian Sangiovese grape variety. The last time Lake Balaton had seen such a wine before was in the Roman times, probably. 2HA, however, is not against traditions: they make a few thousand bottles of Welschriesling as well. The currently commercially available vintage is an unfiltered, serious item from 2012.


Guden Kisbirtok Kertmög Csopaki WELSCHRIESLING

Some critics claim that the Welschriesling  2012 by the Guden Kisbirtok of Paloznak is one of the epitomes of its kind in Hungary. The best measure of this wine's success is that - unfortunately for us - the 2012 vintage is no longer available. There is also a silver lining, thankfully: according to the Facebook page of the winery, the 2013 vintage surpasses that of 2012, so we'll just have to wait for it.


Pálffy Káli Királyi WELSCHRIESLING selection

Köveskál is the party centre of the Káli-medence. The Káli Art Inn, Káli Kövek winery, the Kővirág Pension and Restaurant, MI A KŐ, and Pálffy Pince all stand within a 300-metre circle. Although Káli Kövek is also a major competitor when it comes to Riesling, this time, we follow the lead of Bortársaság's April choices and recommend the wines by Pálffy Pince' wines. The Káli Királyi Welschriesling Selection 2012 is a must!


Homola 100% RIESLING

The name of the 100% series by the Homola Pincészet of Paloznak means that the winery strives to make the most of the grape varieties of the Balaton. On top of it all, they do this under the direction of a Tokaj winemaker, Attila Homonna. Homola Winery has been open a few years now and it now prepares to step from the drink cards of restaurants and wine bars into the light of the wine coolers of the wider dbo. Be sure to follow-up the events!


Veszprémi Pince Gránárium Battonage

Wandering off from hotshot wineries is also worthwhile on the south shore, because you can find several cellars in, for example, Kötcse that duly repay your attention, such as Fáncsi Hegyi Pince, Buzás or the Veszprémi Family Winery. The latter, László Veszprémi's cellar is a category in itself. In good weather, they'll cook you something in the stove, and the wines are always there to taste. You can buy their artisan-bio wines on spot, belowe retail price. Give the Gránárium battonage Welschriesling a try!

The situation of Válibor in Badacsony is similar to that of the Veszprémi Winery: Péter Váli's winery is found in a hidden nook of Badacsonyörs, but you'll soon forget the dirt-road torture when you get there. Péter is smitten with wine and gastronomy, so he designed his estate to suit rapt feasts. At the wine tasting, givea try to their Welschriesling as well as to the Budai Zöld. You can buy this wine from Radovin, and hardly anywhere else.


Balázs CSAPODY - Kistücsök - recommends:

Légli – Gesztenyés Riesling, Laposa - 4hegy Welschriesling, Villa Tolnay Welschriesling, Villa Tolnay Riesling.