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7 Options to Enjoy Yourself When Taking a Break From Balaton Sound

True, there is enough going on at Balaton Sound to wind you up, but a glimpse outside won't hurt anyone. Bargain at a market, ride a horse, go hiking or riding, bathe at the cleanest beaches of Lake Balaton, go surfing or attend a yoga class, or sit down to meditate in the Krishna Valley! We Love Balaton's guide for the adventurous at heart.

You don't have to leave Balaton sound to paddle the kayaks of Viharsarok Sailing Centre, but if you are yearning for the genuine surf club vibes and an extreme adrenaline level then head to the eastern public beach in Balatonföldvár! The more daring should try speeding aboard the two-hull boat, the catamaran: it is truly an unforgettable feeling to hand on the trapeze above the water and the splashing waves while the boat is running on one hull at high speed. The view - especially with the Köröshegy Viaduct or the "tropical" beach of Sajkod as the backdrop - is also worth the time, and you might also bump into participants of the Kékszalag Regatta in the middle of the Lake.If you are a persistent individualist, windsurf could be your option, and those who are just about to be introduced to water sports should join a guided SUP tour that gives a glimpse into the wonderful world of birds and design summer homes in and among the local reeds.


Riding and Dining - Rádpuszta

A picturesque scenery of green slopes with walnut trees, grazing horses, donkeys and Racka sheep, a romantic Árpád Era castle ruin and the csárda dishes recognized as some of the best by a prestigious Hungarian cooking magazine await you at the Rádpuszta Gastronomy and Leisure Centre. You can explore the surrounding areas of the Somogy Hills on the back of traditional Hungarian horse breeds, Magyar Felvers or grey Lipicais. The less practiced riders can stay within the corral or the large riding enclosure, there are also riding shows for your entertainment, and you can drive out in a horse-drawn carriage, rent and ride a quad or a bike or try your hand at archery. Afterwards, pop down to the wine cellar where you'll be introduced to each and every Hungarian wine region and/or meet champagne and pálinka specialities as well.


SUP Yoga - Siófok

You are smitten with Lake Balaton and you'd take a break from the festival-goers, preferably on the water? It's easy! Visit the SUP yoga crew in Siófok, and join a SUPrelax sunset paddle on Friday (19:00-20:30), a SUP tour to the Mala Garden restaurant (14:00-17:00) or a SUPyoga class (19-20:30) on Saturday to get your stuff together before falling apart again. If you prefer not to leave the area of Balaton Sound, you can also find the crew there.

If you're fed up with the crowd, if the weather or your mood is not good enough for the beach, then jump on your bike or the train and head out from Balatonföldvár on a thoroughly enjoyable trip to the Kőröshegy Viaduct and the nearby Kereki castle. One the way there, fill up on fresh rétes in the Cuki Fagyizó under Kőröshegyi út 5., or take a bite of the nutcream vanillla cake to gather enough energy for the climb to the castle. On the way back, visit the Völgyhíd Café and enjoy the view of the viaduct painted in the colours of the sunset.


Farmers' and Flea Market - Szántódpuszta

Spending you holiday at Lake Balaton does not mean that you have to forget the fun of going to the market, and you can even dip into the eclectic mix that is the Szántódpuszta farmers' and flea market. It only takes a good stroll to reach the Szántódpuszta market from Balaton Sound. In addition to the homemade sausages, bacons, and jams, you can also buypotted plants, pixelpainted Jesus portraits and cosmo-yoga books for a few hundred Forints only near main road 7.


Beaches - South Shore

It is great to lounge on a white design couch and sip cocktail from a bucket, unless you are looking for a more authentic Balaton beach experience during or after Balaton Sound. This year, the meritorious beaches will be awarded the Kékhullám (Blue Wave) flags for the 10th occasion, and the accompanying three stars certify excellence. What does this entail? Proper water quality, a first aid availability, lifeguards, medical service, increased public security and anti-theft measures, a wide range of sports options, and equal chance for people with disabilities. Near the festival, the Siófok Main Beach, the Balatonföldvár Eastern Beach, the Berzsenyi Beach of Balatonszemes, the Napfény Beach in Balatonlelle and the Balatonboglár Platán Beach are Kékhullám-certified. What are you waiting for? Hop on that inflatable beach mattress!

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