Continuing our year-end compilations, we now take a really subjective point of view and with the help of 10 photographs show you which Balaton moments of 2014 burned into our memories.

We Love Balaton disco boat

The Bermuda band started playing in the middle of Lake Balaton at sundown, in the frame of an exclusive We Love Balaton event. On Saturday, 10 May, the We Love Balaton Disco Boat left the Balatonföldvár marina in the frame of the spring edition of the Nyitott Balaton event series. All the guests enjoyed their time at this VIP party-like concert.

Nagyon Balaton festivals

From spring to autumn,  the Nagyon Balaton event series entered the Balaton scene in a sophisticated, sporty and hopping manner. We loved to say goodbye to the sun in the middle of the Lake again, this time with the Csík band; and had a fine time at the very first Káli Buli ever. We wallowed with you through the Balaton Sound, B my Lake and the Strand Festival, and we even went backstage for an exclusive interview with Dub FX.  We were also caught in a downpour in the Valley of Arts, and got lost among the constructions of the Hello Wood project in the summer sunshine, not to forget the Paloznak hillside, where we sat under the starry sky, sipping on wine, munching on local producers' cheese with DePhazz and Mezzoforte playing live in the background. Our favourite experience perhaps was to slide down the zipline with you  in front of the main stage of Strand Festival.

Ramsons for your omelette

In early spring, the Lake and its surroundings do not abound in events, but the few they have are top notch. We asked around local friends and it turned out that we can pick ramson (healthy and trendy) in the woods by Lake Balaton. Although we couldn't cook a menu like Kistücsök by the end of the tour, the ramson picked by our own hands was a great addition to our evening omelette.

Watersports in the middle of the Lake

The question 'Which is your favourite Balaton spot?' for us is almost impossible to answer. We can, however, safely state that being in the middle of Lake Balaton on a surfboard, SUPwater ski or wakeboard, or hanging right above the waves from the side of a speeding catamaran are one-of-a-kind, memorable and adrenalin packed momentums.

Taking a break in the Krishna Valley

'Happiness requires no electricity, it only takes flowers and cows' – this is what we wrote about the Krishna Valley in Somogyvámos this spring and we still think so. We shouldn't forget the vegetarian feast with the rose water lemonade and the sugary desserts, but for what you really must try here you'll only need a pair of good shoes. Wander around the hills, lakes and cows here, and simply lie down by one of the meditation spots or under a tree. In silence, staring at the sky, chewing on a leaf of grass. A true haven for switching off.

Open-air cinemas

Visiting an open-air cinema during your Balaton holiday is as much a compulsory program of the itinerary as eating lángos at the local beach buffet or going paddle boating with friends. There are various versions, like the charming, the pub-like, or the 600-seater, as well as family and dog friendly ones both on the north and the south shore. Excellent option for a first date, an anniversary or for enjoying some Balaton nostalgia


Although the supermakets with their cornucopia of goods are today a common place around Lake Balaton, wandering among the long shelves is nothing compared to an authentic market morning, in the frame of which one can browse, taste and shop for small producers' goods under the trees and the sky. There are farmers', organic, eco, fish and flea markets around Lake Balaton, and while the goods on sale might be different at each place, the ambience is special everywhere.

Eating at a marina restaurant

We had many a good meal by Lake Balaton in 2014, but our favourite thing was to dine at restaurants accessible from the water, situated in a marina or directly on the shore, or right above the water. These places guaranteed more than the satisfaction of our taste buds. At first glance, it might seem snobbery to enjoy the view of the Balaton from these restaurants, but truly is the best thing (second only to tasting Balaton wines) for these are really informal venues.

Harvest parades

While 2014 might not have been the favourite of winemakers, the harvest festivals around Lake Balaton were as great as the top wines of 2013. We set out from Káli-Kapocs in Mindszentkálla, joined the parade and did not stop until 0 Szentbékkálla - and we only halted the prince on the white horse for a photo. Locals greeting you as old friends, freshly baked scones, endless hours of dancing and the bets Balaton wines - the winner of the sudden inspiration gone fine category.

Balaton Method shoot

After Budapest and the Kodály Method, the duo of Marcell Rév (cinematographer) and Bálint Szimler (director) travelled to Lake Balaton and immersed themselves into the hot, stormy and car-soaking shoot of Balaton Method. The crowdfunded project will be the first Balaton road movie that we've helped to create. You can glimpse into the crew's work, since we spent an entire day of shooting with them on a hot September day. Featuring Veronika Harcsa and the Bin-Jip, and the Talamba band drumming on the top of the multicoloured Polskis and Ladas. In cinemas in spring/summer 2015!