It is mostly the laid back, fruity wines that are associated with the southern part of the Balaton region, despite the fact that there are also full bodied big guns around here as well. With the summer approaching, we also brought you a few lighter, "sport fröccs" compatible items. Luckily for us, the Dél-Balatoni Borút Egyesület recently held a wine show, where we could taste loads of alternatives.

Kislaki Bormanufaktúra - Chardonnay Champagne 2012

The question whether it made sense to harvest some of the South Balaton's chardonnay vineyards for champagne is answered with a definite yes by the owner and showman-vintner of Kislaki Bormanufaktúra, Géza Légli. This intensively bubbling item is characterised by its autolysis (breadcrust, yeast), its ripe white fruity flavour; on the palate, it is has a vibrant tone of acidity, and fast rhythm of citric bounce  – a drink you can never grow tired of.  There are only a few bottles, so you'd better hurry.

Available at the winery, but also at the Sarki Fűszeres in Budapest for cca. 4500 HUF.

Podmaniczky Winery - Mr. Irsay 2014

One of the best things to have ever happened to the south shore was that the Podmaniczky Brothers designed, pressed, steel-tank fermented and bottled this Irsai Olivér under a screw cap. This "I'll have another one" item devoid of all perfumed sorcery is one of the summer breakthroughs, but it won't drink itself, so if you happen to ride along the south shore in the heat, be sure to make a stop at this winery in Balatonföldvár.

Available only at the winery for now, for cca. 1200 HUF. Worth more.

Gutman Wine Cellar – Rozé Házasítás 2014

If we wanted to give an especially plastic or even anthropomorphic description of the structure of this wine, we should glance at the label of Rozé Házasítás (Rosé Blend) and acquaint ourselves with the slender and taut female figure, which must be the Jungian anima of the vintner, and which inspires us to contemplate putting it this way: the structure of the wine is taut and smooth, it has a slim body and exciting flavours in the mouth. Its vibrating red fruit and grapefruit tones make this rosé fast friends with tomato pasta dishes.

In Budapest, it is available at Borkápolna and Dolce Vita Borszaküzlet as well. At the cellar, we cost us cca. 1300 HUF.

Pócz Winery– Páros Cuvée 2013

The Páros Cuvée, a harvest blend of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, is one of the entry level creations of this Balatonlelle-based winery. The cuvée by the Pócz family has a white fruit fragrance expected from both grape varieties, and charms with a delicate acidity and an emerging creaminess of texture. The vintner recommends having it with Balaton zander en gratin, and he knows what he's doing.

Available at the winery for cca. 1300 HUF.

Légli Ottó Pincészete - Gesztenyés Rajnai Rizling 2013

This steel tank fermented Riesling wine from the Gesztenyés vineyard was aged in an oak barrel for 11 months. Ottó Légli has once again proven worthy of his title of the Uncrowned King of Barrel Management: the fragrances and flavours of this wine carry slight vanilla and white peach tones, the sweet spice and the fruit duo forming an unbeatable harmony. The Gesztenyés Rajnai is a highly enjoyable Riesling, an etalon of its kind, so consume it at a Zen-like pace, meditating on world peace, while admiring the sun slowly setting on the horizon.

Available at Bortársaság for 2950 HUF.

Bujdosó Winery – Nemere 2012

A contemplation and conciliation of Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Királyleányka, and Pinot gris: this is the Bujdosó Winery's oak barrel aged cuvée. The sweet spice and toasted seed tones from the barrel give a solid basis of aroma, but it also projects tones of peach and salty minerals. It is a medium bodied drink with friendly acidity. Don't be afraid to try it with a pasta dish with cream-based sauce!

Available online at for 2830 HUF.

Katona Borház – Barrique Chardonnay 2012

This is a Chardonnay of Burgundy, or more precisely Côte d'Or style, as regards maturing. It was fermented in a wooden barrel, then it rested in brand new barrique oak, for relatively long. This gave it the intensive, deep character of fragrance, reminding mostly of peach preserves and vanilla. It carries buttery and butter-scotch overtones. It has round and friendly acids, a close-to-full body, and 13.5% alcohol content – with a balanced result. Perfect with weighty chicken and pork roasts with cream-based sauce, as well as pasta dishes with any kind of mushroom sauce.

Available online at for an excellent price of 1900 HUF.

Buzás Borok – Dögös Vörös 2012

Dögös Vörös is a tasteful Merlot-Blaufrankisch blend, with rich fruity fragrance of raspberry and wolfberry overtones, sour cherry on the palate, sloe tannin, grapefruit acids, medium body, pocketable alcohol, loose in structure , light in vibes, easy to understand and infinitely loveable.

Cca. 1700-1800 HUF at the cellar.