Let’s kick off 2016 with a bit of nostalgia: we looked at the numbers, and compiled a list of some of our most popular articles from 2015. It seems you guys were interested in a variety of topics from burgers and the food stand revolution to stylish guesthouses and our top 100 favorite places around Balaton.

Balaton makes new waves - 12 restaurants you simply have to try this summer

Balaton gastronomy? Lángos, hake and fake goulash, drenched in oil, sold at a price similar to upscale bistros and restaurants. In July we rounded up 12 new or revamped catering businesses whose main profile is the kind of new-wave cuisine we can wholeheartedly recommend. Whether you need a quick bite to grab at the beach or you want to have a full-on feast, all of these eateries have you covered.

The most stunning guest houses around Balaton – Part I

Just like in the gastro world, new trends have emerged in the accommodation sector as well. In addition to the classic guesthouses found all over Balaton, visitors to the region can now choose from a growing number of places that could easily be featured on the pages of the most prominent interior design magazines. There are many different options from a mill and a press house to a proper 19th century mansion. It seems the choice is hard because thousands of you have read our article about the most stylish guesthouses on both the south and the north shore.

Drink wine in an arboretum! - 10 must-see wine terraces at Lake Balaton

This year our quest for interviews, articles and photos took us to countless corners of the Balaton region. On the days it was super hot outside, we often fantasized about glasses of cold fröccs or delicious wine, and so we were inspired to put together a list of ten awesome wine terraces where both the drinks and the atmosphere or the view deserve top marks.

Our top 10 Balaton burgers

In 2015 the beach food genre was created as the Balaton-appropriate version of street food. There were many promising attempts to refresh the cuisine offered at beaches around the lake, but the good old hamburger is still the most popular dish on the menus of lakeside eateries. The classic sandwiches have become a hit over the past few years, and Balaton has also produced quite a few of its own top-notch burgers. We took on the mighty task of testing lots of them based on a set of strict criteria, and we came up with a top 10 list with all the places we would go back to in a heartbeat.

The best terrace of Badacsony is now open

KisHableány in Badacsony debuted in April, adding a new flavor to the gastro scene of Balaton. Hableány, the previous establishment housed in the iconic building, was hugely popular in the 60s and 70s, and KisHableány is now on a mission to write a similar success story on the terrace. The food is definitely unique, with such creations featured in the selection as hamburger with basalt salt, Balcsi Bagel filled with goat cheese Liptauer, and Vízikutya (meaning water dog in Hungarian), Balaton’s version of a hot-dog, made from fish sausage.

Party time never ends by Lake Balaton - Summer festival round up

We set out to support that claim in our article listing the myriad of event series, festivals and regattas held at Lake Balaton from spring to autumn. We’ll soon round up all the important events happening in 2016, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

A food stand revolution brewing on the north shore

In the middle of summer we told you about two places that are dedicated to making the most of the beach food trend. Located on Fövenyes Beach, Kalóz has been serving food made from carefully selected ingredients for the past 12 years. The design is a great mix of traditional elements associated with Balaton and easy, modern solutions. Neked Főztem, which opened this year, not too far from the veteran eatery, follows the same direction. Sited by the entrance of the beach in Zánka, the food joint has been praised for its exceptional, filling dishes.

The songs that will shake Zamárdi - 8 tracks to warm you up for Balaton Sound

It would be equally easy to argue for and against the significance of Balaton Sound, but whether you love it or hate it, you just can’t ignore it. Organized every year since 2007, the four-day festival fills the town of Zamárdi (and the surrounding area, of course) with the coolest eardrum-shattering tunes at the beginning of July. In 2012 Sound was chosen as the best medium-sized festival at the European Festival Awards. The clicks on our list of eight highly anticipated performers at last year’s Sound suggest that you were very excited to find out about everything that goes on in Zamárdi in early July.

Our top 100 faves around Balaton in 2015

Our first top 100 list dates back to 2014, and since it proved to be a major success, in 2015 we teamed up with Nagyon Balaton to bring you a new compilation of 100 venues that are much closer to our hearts than others. Our subjective roundup of old and recent favorites has everything from bars, restaurants, museums and water sports clubs to outdoor cinemas, ice cream shops, wine cellars and markets.

Who is who in the Káli Basin - Little Kálipedia

Eating, vacationing, biking and hiking in the Káli Basin is the synonym of a good life, so this summer we posted an article with everything worth knowing about the most important players of the region. Every time we visit the area we find new place we could spend days at, so we can't help thinking that we will have to move there sooner or later.