Lake Balaton has an abundance of activities to enjoy this spring. From scenic hikes to guided walks, and from exhibitions to exciting events in numerous cellars, the season has plenty to offer.

1. Conquer claustrophobia and venture into a cave

If you are up for an adventure, check out Csodabogyós or Szentgáli-kőlik, Hungary’s second-longest cave, first written about in 1927.

2. Visit the unique republic of brick artist János Cser

János Cser is an eccentric Balaton figure: he has endless local knowledge, stories and his own empire made entirely from unique bricks.

3. Feel like a tiny speck in the universe

Pannon Observatory is a great option on rainy days. It has a planetarium, an exciting exhibition and various telescopes for you to observe the sky.

4. Try the first wines of the year

Starting from spring, cellars around Lake Balaton stage regular weekend events. If none of the available options appeal, let the Borbarangolás series guide you.

5. Enjoy the almond blossom

The spectacular signs of spring can be spotted around Lake Balaton, especially on the north shore. Visit Balatonfüred, Káli Basin and Keszthely if you want to take glorious photos.

6. See buffalo up close and personal

You can learn everything about buffalo at Kápolnapuszta’s reserve and then you can test your knowledge up close and personal.

7. Cycle while you can

A big advantage of spring is that the bicycle paths aren’t too busy, which means you can take a leisurely ride around Káli Basin, Salföld and Paloznak.

8. Check out a Chagall exhibition

Following last year’s Dalí exhibitions, the Laczkó Dezső Museum in Veszprém now brings the works of Chagall to local audiences – on display until the end of April.

9. Enjoy a concert at Expresszó

This cult Veszprém spot has an attractive lineup of popular Hungarian bands including Fish!, Margaret Island and Punnany Massif.

10. Feel like a student at Szigony

If Expresszó seems too mainstream, staying in Veszprém, Szigony awaits with punk bands and up-and-coming acts this spring.

11. Immerse yourself in the magical land of Kis-Balaton

Kis-Balaton remains a hidden gem. Its rich bird population and trails across the marshlands make it a unique destination in spring as well.

12. Conquer Gulács

Gulács is the perfect destination for those who enjoy hikes that are a bit wilder. Here you can stumble upon an abandoned quarry and mysterious water sources on your way to the peak.

13. Walk though the gorgeous canyons of Bakony

The list of exciting hikes around Bakony is endless: Ördögárok, Cuha-szurdok and the castle of Csesznek are all worth the effort – but it’s best to go when the weather is dry.

14. Try a fish dish

Keszthely sturgeon is available at Tilia and Kővirág, but if you’d like to try other piscine delights, Fish House is the perfect destination to fulfil your craving for fish dishes.

15. Discover the hidden face of Veszprém

Veszprém hides many secrets, especially its castle district, which can be explored as part of a series of guided walks available every two weeks during spring.

16. Admire the view from a lookout tower at Balatongyörök 

Leave your car or bike at the parking lot of Szépkilátó and take a pleasant hike to one of the nearby lookout towers to admire the beautiful view from above.

17. Beat the crowd at Káptalantóti market

There aren’t as many people at Káptalantóti market at this time of the year so it’s much more enjoyable to browse – and you can avoid the traffic jam as well.

18. Visit the latest Balaton festival

Örvényeshegy Piknik will be organized for the first time this May. Along with many Hungarian artists, American jazzster Al Di Meola is on the bill – visit this new festival before it becomes the next big thing.

19. Pick tulips at Kőröshegy

The managers at Kőröshegyi Lavender Field have decided to plant 100,000 tulips for the season, which should transform the farm into a colorful wonderland in April.

20. Dance to a DJ set in the middle of a vineyard

Bringing together wine tasting and music, the DJ in the Vineyard series at Homola Wineries has become pretty popular – check out its Facebook page for the next date.

21. Explore the culinary delights of Kishegy

The best winemakers on the south shore can be found at Kishegy – and April 14 will bring you a showcase event where you can sample all the local flavors.

22. Meet a winemaker then dance on the terrace

Pláne in Badacsony has wine tastings guided by producers, and when the weather is good, you can throw a few shapes on the terrace afterwards.