2018 brought many exciting things to Lake Balaton, from wonderful winter landscapes to new openings and fine wines, proving once again that Balaton is a great destination all year round. Here’s a look back at the highlights of 2018.

A winter wonderland

Lake Balaton looks good every season, but there’s something especially beautiful about its snow-covered slopes and valleys. Last winter was cold enough for the lake to freeze, and the results were quite spectacular.

Far from the crowds

Local spas are perfect destinations in winter, but there are plenty of other ways you can relax around Lake Balaton, even when it’s cold outside. From farmer’s markets to ice skating, ten of the best alternative options were rounded up in this article last January.

Balaton in bloom

Springtime at Lake Balaton means a cascade of falling petals and fragrant blossoms. This list of wonders shows just how versatile Balaton can be, the spring of 2018 bringing concerts, exhibitions, outdoor adventures and culinary joys.

Balaton on foot

The second Balaton Camino attracted many people: they joined the three women who were the first to venture on the journey the year before. A Balaton photographer captured the great trek, resulting in awe-inspiring aerial shots.

Lake Balaton meets National Geographic

The bright and quirky Balaton photography of Hungarian artist Zsófia Pályi was published by National Geographic magazine along with an article about the lake’s most popular sights, lovely spots and its best wines.

New openings

There are always new spots opening near Lake Balaton, and 2018 was no different. With new-wave buffets, vegan eateries and laid-back bistros, these ten venues kept the dining selection varied last year.

Balaton caffeinated

Lake Balaton now has an ever-improving café scene. Some of these spots offer speciality brews, others follow Italian tradition, but they all have one thing in common: these were the best Balaton destinations for a truly great cup of coffee in 2018.

One dish above all

Balaton Beach Food of the Year is an award for the best and freshest takeaway dishes around the lake. More than ten mouth-watering creations competed in 2018, with the unique cross of waffles and latkes, gofcsi, taking top prize.

Time travel

Kővágóörs-Pálköve, a small village on the Balaton shore, is a place where time stands still. This timeless spot is a great destination for those who want to leave the beaten path for a while. This gallery from the summer of 2018 is all the proof needed.

The firsts of the vintage