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7 great lakes near Balaton

From pit lakes to reservoirs, these seven lakes near Balaton all have different stories, but they are all worth a visit.


Fekete-hegy lakes

The area of Fekete-hegy used to be part of a volcanic field millions of years ago, resulting in the formation of a unique plateau. There are six lakes of various sizes here, supplied only by rainfall. When they contain water, the wildlife thrives. You can reach it by following first the blue, then the yellow trail from Szentbékkálla.


Kornyi-tó – Káli-medence

This lake, near Káli-medence’s famous Human Comedy Group of Statues, has an ever-changing water level. Sometimes it’s metres deep, sometimes it dries up entirely. When there’s water in it, birds appear, including sizeable great egrets. Ground squirrels also live here in great numbers. The statues look down on the lake and the savannah-like plain from the top of a hill.


Köcsi-tó – Balatonalmádi-Káptalanfüred

This pit lake of the former clay mine is a lovely little destination. It has been untouched for a long time, resulting in the growth of many plants in and around, while animals have also found haven in this calm spot. The study trail to the lake can be reached via Köcsitó utca from the direction of Main Road 71.


Lake Külső and Belső – Tihany

Lake Belső in Tihany is one of the town’s main attractions. This scenic lake with volcanic origins has a dog-friendly beach (less suitable for humans), and you can walk around it on a nice path. Lake Külső, its sibling, can be found on the other side of the ridge, but you can only check it out from Main Road 71 as the marshy lake cannot be visited. As part of the surrounding national park, it has a rich bird population.


Malom-tó – Tapolca

One of the main attractions of Tapolca is this lake filled with crystal-clear water that comes from the cave system far below, and surrounded by quaint buildings and restaurants. The lake was created artificially for it to work the mill. The water flows into another lake further down, rich in aquatic plants and fish. There’s a nicely built promenade and a path with many wooden bridges.


Töreki Lakes – Siófok

You can escape the buzzing of the world near Siófok by visiting the valley of Cinege-patak. It all starts with a huge stretch of marshland, followed by 11 lakes. There’s a study trail leading by the lakes and you can even climb a birdwatching tower from where you can admire this artificially shaped area. Two other lakes called Békás and Csépány are both nearby.


Vászolyi-forrástó – Vászoly

This is one of the most romantic of all the lakes on this list. Supplied by the water of the Szent Jakab spring, the lake hosts various events in summer with its water stage. There’s a lovely wooden bridge, and a traditional restaurant alongside where you can grab a meal after walking around the lake.

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