After a winter of discontent, it’s time to enjoy long weekends at Balaton. Many terraces are now open – here are five of the best!


Kotyogós Kávéterasz Tihany

This year able to host their traditional Whitsun Monday breakfast, a serious feast accompanied by jazz and classical sounds, the Kotyogós Coffee Terrace at the Inner Lake in Tihany offers complete relaxation for hikers, cyclists and families alike. The garden is perfect for kids the deckchairs for weary hikers looking to recharge and continue their journey from here to the Aranyház geyser cone or lavender fields. Coffee, cookies, cordials and icy delicacies await!


Lavender Terasz

The Lavender Terrace at Balatonvilág ushers you into an idyllic world: gaze at the pond from the terrace over lunch or dinner, perhaps even both, interspersed with a stroll on the bamboo-lined shore. The outdoor barbecue and pizza oven also start up in good weather, ideal for an evening’s relaxation.


The Rusty Coffee Box

The RCB in Balatonakarattya is one of the most popular meeting places at the gateway to Lake Balaton, its elevated terrace offering the most beautiful view of the water, perfection with a fine coffee and cookie in hand. As well as premium brews, and there’s high-quality ice cream. And if the terrace is all taken up, as for a takeaway drink and a blanket, and head for the high embankment alongside.


Szent Donát

Sitting on the terrace or in the garden of St Donat's Wine Mansion, you can enjoy not only the soothing view of the lake and proximity of nature, but also fine wine and prime snacks to accompany. Here you can walk barefoot in the grass or lie on a blanket in the spring warmth.


Villa Kabala

You have to get here early for a spot on the terrace at Villa Kabala but the reward, after the climb up, is a wonderful panorama of Lake Balaton and one of the loveliest sunsets you’ll ever see. The special menu that the Kabala team puts together from week to week is the icing on the cake!