Founder of the Africa Museum, world-famous hunter and explorer of Africa Dr. Endre Nagy returned to Hungary in 1984, bringing his trophy collection back to his family’s Balatonederics mansion, which has been turned into a museum and is now surrounded by a wildlife park. A little piece of Africa on the shore of the Hungarian Sea: all the exhibits, the animals and even the huts are 100% African and authentic; what is more, the huts have been constructed using authentic methods.  

The little ones can ride ponies, camels or the rodeo bull on the playground or feed some of the animals, while the adults can relax at the hookah lounge by the souvenir shop. As a bonus, Katalin néni, the second wife of the peculiar collection’s founder is happy to be at the disposal of guest, telling them about her late husband’s adventures and all the things and animals that are way too strange for the European eye.