Kriszta Váradi Szabó, her brother János Váradi Szabó, and his wife Andrea were inspired by the Italian “agriturismo” when they decided that Balatonarács could be a great place for a traditional guesthouse like the ones they saw in Tuscany.

Respecting the traditions of the Balaton Uplands, they refurbished and furnished Arácsi Guesthouse on Lóczy Street tastefully. They created two rustic-styled apartments downstairs where a family, or two couples who want to spend the night in an original farmhouse can comfortably stay. They also built in the attic: here they have rooms with a modern retro vibe and a view on Lake Balaton.

Tip: The shore is 10 minutes away, and those who like hiking can follow Koloska-patak (Koloska Creek), which runs along the neighboring street, to Koloska-völgy (Koloska Valley), or they can climb Tamás-hegy (Tamás Hill).

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