Come rain or shine, you’ll be able to board the Balaton Screw Steamer anytime, as it is moored on the dry side of the shore. The boat as old as Methuselah is on display at the Fonyód harbour. The second oldest Balaton steam boat (the oldest being the recently renovated Kisfaludy) has had many adventures both on the Balaton and the Danube.

His last voyage thankfully took him to Balatonboglár instead of a scrap yard, where it was properly refurbished, it reclaimed its original name and was put on display on the shore. Since then, the Balaton Screw Steamer has been a museum and an exhibition space. The boat houses exhibitions and art expos about Balaton shipping.

From the open deck visitors can still admire the Badacsony panorama, as if the steamer were still floating on the water.

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