Dániel Bezerics opened a number of great restaurants during the past years. He manages the winery with his father, Csaba. Their winery is driven by the desire to be environmentally friendly, and to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible. They have a wide selection, including everything from fragrant whites and rosés to heavy-bodied whites, and from sweets to reds. 

Bezerics Wine House welcomes their guests in the cellar in Szentgyörgyvár that they inherited from the Széchenyi family; once upon a time, the place was visited by such prominent historic figures as Lajos Batthyány (the first Hungarian Prime Minister), the members of the noble Festetics family, and statesman Ferenc Deák (supposedly not even infrequently). They have tastings with six and ten items, paired with the classic bites of the owners’ – cheese, baked goods, and fruits. If we only want to mention a few keywords regarding the things to do here, here they are: oven-baked trotters, harvest experience, pig slaughter experience, and wine-marathon.