Vonyarcvashegy had failed to contribute anything special to the Balaton map of gastronomy and tourism – apart from the wakeboard course.

The Helikon Taverna Restaurant joined the Bock restaurant chain. The move of the restaurant to the 4-star Zenit Hotel takes Vonyarcvashegy 2 levels up at one strike thanks to the quality and prestige of the franchise of winemaker József Bock and chef Lajos Bíró. The Hungarian style cuisine, the sizeable portions and excellent quality familiar from Bock Bistro are staples in Bock Balaton as well.

Naturally, Balaton fish are in focus at the Vonyarc branch of Bock, along with poultry and richer pork. Located almost at the top of the hill, the building has a terrace offering a splendid Balaton panorama. The cellar, which is the venue of regular wine dinners and wine tastings, hosts an interactive exhibition about the Festetics family.