Csaba Csordás grows 35 varieties of chili pepper in his garden in Alsópáhok. The peppers are used for making hot sauces, spicy dressings, and fruit jams that will make you sweat. Csaba also cooks various sauces, some hot, some mild, including barbecue and tomato ones. The level of hotness, on a scale from 1 to 5, is indicated with thunderbolts on the label.

Besides the spicier chili and fruit jams and other chili-based products, the selection also includes other sauces made with basil, oregano and tomato, which can be used for pizzas, burgers or sandwiches.

You can buy Csaba’s chili sauces at the Sunday market of Balatonfenyves from spring to autumn, but he usually pops up at various culinary events in the area as well.

Tip: If you make an appointment in advance, you can taste the sauces in Csaba’s home, or you can order through their Facebook page.

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