Keszthely was still non-existent when a gigantic castle had already been built by the Romans in Fenékpuszta. The Romans went home, a couple of thousand years passed, and then came the Festetics counts who had a “small castle” built with a huge manor and horses to add to their main castle in Keszthely.

Today it only takes a few minutes by car or bike to get here from Keszthely. You can check out the ruins of the Roman castle Valcum and the buildings of the slightly dilapidated Festetics manor. Nature buffs will love Fenékpuszta: in the building of the railway station you’ll find the Fenékpusztai Madárgyűrűző és Repatriáló Állomás (Fenékpuszta Bird Ringing and Repatriating Station) where you can see birds being cured and ringed, as well as an exhibition of nests and eggs. To visit the bird wellness center, make an appointment in advance.

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