The Festetics Palace is the third biggest and the most visited palace of Hungary. Constructions for the Baroque palace started in 1745, but it has been remodeled and expanded several times after that. The awe-inspiring palace park, which offers great opportunities for relaxation as well, is a protected nature reserve with French and an English garden, fountains and statues that take you back in time, and a palm house where we can find a singular tropical hibiscus collection unique in the whole of Europe.

In the Helikon Palace Museum, a permanent exhibition showcases the lifestyle of the gentry, but the baronial interior and the carriage exhibitions also have many interesting bits of information in store. Visitors are in for such special treats here as the library with a secret door. Those who find all the velvet, gold, and delicate wooden inlay a bit too much can taste the best wines of Hungary at Balatoni Borok Háza ("Castle Cellar") in the basement.

You can purchase a combined entry ticket that gives you access to all exhibitions around the palace: valid for two days, these tickets give you admission not only to the palace’s exhibitions, but also to the Amazon House Visitor Center and the Hunting Museum and Model Railway Exhibition.

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