We found a real English tea house among the hills of Zala County in Zalaszántó. Two Brits, Ken and Neil manage the place – they have a passion for baking and jam-making. The jams show their creativity, the cookies are made according to the recipes that they inherited from their grandmothers, and the name also comes from the names of their grandmas: they combined Florri and Dora.

You can taste real English tea biscuits in the tea house, like the clotted cream and jam scones or the lavender butter cookies that have a long history – they were the favorites of Queen Mary. We can sip the English teas or Florridora’s special, hand-crafted herbal tea mixtures: one of the most delicious of these is actually made from a recipe of the Shakespeare-era – what could be more English than that?

Tip: The tea house is also a tea museum with its own teacup-collection, and a gorgeous view of Rezi Castle from the old farmhouse.