Located just below Veszprém Castle, in the valley of the creek SédFricska is a cross between a rustic cottage and a modern bistro, with a colorful interior and a spacious terrace. The menu that includes chevapchichi and zander fillet builds on local ingredients: you can, for example, order grilled cheese made from the goat cheese of SzentantalfaRákócz-túrós, usually a square of curd cheese here served in a glass, is the most popular among their desserts.

It feels nice to chill on the 
beanbags and in the hammocks, and we can even dip our feet into the Séd. The lost little Vespa van and the straw-bales are charming, and there’s even a book exchanging cabinet here. Rooms will be available above the restaurant, so we can even spend a few relaxed nights in the hundreds of years old house of a clergyman.