You can find one of the largest family wineries of Balaton at Kishegy, from where there’s a spectacular view of the area. Managed by Vencel Garamvári, the 80 hectares land has plenty of space for different varieties from Sauvignon Blanc and Irsai Olivér to Cabernet Frank and Merlot. If you make an appointment in advance, they’ll give you a tasting and show you around the cellar, too. 

What everyone should try here is their champagne. The base wine is made here at Balaton, while the champagne itself is created in Budafok with the very same technique and quality control used by the most prestigious champagne producers in the area of Champagne. You can buy their wines at stores nationwide, but some of their 400 thousand bottles a year make their way to abroad, to the United States, for example.