Hungarian expat Róbert Gilvesy moved back to his homeland from Canada, and began building the Gilvesy winemaking empire on the former Esterházy estate on Szent György Hill. Thanks to years of hard work, the Hegymagas-based facility now includes a modern building complex and about 13 hectares of vineyards. In addition to being the home of the family, the estate also features a processing plant and a cellar.

The panorama is wonderful, and the family welcomes visitors with open arms and light wines. In terms of food, there’s no permanently available menu; visitors need to make an appointment if they want a feast to go with the wines. From time to time, the winery invites top chefs, who prepare delicious dishes for dinner to be served on the terrace.

Here’s a top tip: The Gilvesy family holds an annual event called Bohém Légyott every July, which is all about a strong lineup of music and gastronomy.