GUSTO13  is a bistro that opened in the place of the renowned Chianti Restaurant in Veszprém in 2017. The shelves that are lined with Italian pastas, various flours, the syrups of Tamás Winery, and quality coffees smuggle the vibes of a delicatessen into the restaurant, but the main reason to visit this place is still the kitchen that delivers the usual quality.

GUSTO13 loosened the fine dining milieu of Chianti a bit: this means that now we can start the day with a croissant and a coffee here, or we can stop by for a pizza during lunchtime. With dishes like the squid and lumaconi or the goose leg served with pear and cottage cheese donuts, it’s worth delving into the Italian-Hungarian selection for those who seek something more serious, or want to have a gathering with family and friends. They have a strong selection of wines and beers, but those who aren’t satisfied by it should seek out the hidden cellar of the restaurant.

Tip: Besides the permanent menu, they also have daily offers – however, these are usually even more expensive than the dishes on the menu.