Located just outside Gyulakeszi, by the foot of Csobánc hill, Gyula Vezér Equestrian Farm is home to a bunch of animals, but without the Orwellian dystopia. There are no pigs, “only” cows, goats, Racka sheep, and lambs. In addition to being the perfect petting zoo accessories, the cows and sheep also give milk, which is used to make artisanal cheese, yoghurt, butter, curd cheese, and sour cream, all of which you can try in combination with the bread baked in the family’s very own oven.

Covering an area of 20 acres, the riding field is ideal for horseback riding, carriage rides, and even medieval tournaments. You can stay overnight at the on-site pension where mornings are always special thanks to the view of the Tapolcai Basin and the Káli Basin.

Tip: Horseback riding camps are held throughout the summer where kids can also pick up the traditional skill of cheese making to complete the Hungarian themed adventure.

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