Hableány reopened in the iconic Badacsony building in 2019. Now managed by the Laposa family, the terrace previously housed a bistro called Kishableány, but it has been a hospitality outlet since the middle of the 19th century. Hableány Szálló hotel opened here in 1883 and it quickly became a centre for the sailing community. The hotel had famous guests like author Mór Jóka and Empress Elizabeth. Expanded to twice its size in 1964, the spot is quite sizable with its huge terrace.

The 2,300 square-metre complex is now the centre of Laposa estate: it is a wine factory with the annual capacity of half a million bottles, a restaurant and wine bar in one. Here you can follow the process of wine making or you can taste all twenty of the cellar’s wines at the bar, while the restaurant represent a more elegant, bistro style.