Hegyi Csárda is located on Kishegy, in Balatonlelle. You can already tell on your way up the winding road that the terrace will have an extraordinary view. If the weather is nice, you can see all the way to the Badacsony, which is the perfect subject for a photo in the sunset.

The menu includes such Hungarian classics as goose leg with mashed potatoes, chopped ramson and steamed red cabbage or poppy seed bread pudding called mákosguba – everything has been reinvented a little bit, of course. Don’t look for goulash here, as the restaurant strives to remain as cliché-free as possible.

Their homemade cordials are divine, and they are especially proud of the elderflower flavoured version, which they grow and prepare themselves. Pálinka is supplied by the Panyolay Cellar, but the Irsai Olivér grape pálinka, grown and produced on the premises, would be a shame to miss as well.