The thermal water bubbling to the surface on the north-western edge of Balaton was used even back in Roman times, but the lake spa has only existed in its present form since the beginning of the 20th century. For more than a century, guests have soaked themselves in the 35-36°C water in the 2,500-m2 bathing house located in the middle of the lake in Hévíz.

Like the chamomile tea of grandma, the omnipotent thermal water of Zala County heals everything; no wonder, as it contains calcium, magnesium, radon, sulfur, carbonic acid, hydrogen-sulfide, methane, radium gases and radioactive mud.

What’s even more spectacular is that the water of the biggest natural spring lake in the world is replenished every three and a half days. This constant activity is visible even with the naked eye – the lake is never still, as the spring keeps the water moving.

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