The renovation works of Hotel Füred were finished in April, 2016, and now it looks more glamorous than ever. There are numerous crystal chandeliers in the hotel, and the presidential suite is decorated with gold – at least some parts of it, such as the tap. There are 199 rooms altogether on 13 floors that are able to accommodate 398 people at the same time. There are two presidential suites, and since we already started going into details we definitely have to highlight the wellness area and the bowling club, too. The wellness area is not only for hotel guests, but an entrance ticket is a bit too pricey. The biggest crowd-puller of the hotel is the panorama, as certain rooms have a view to the lake. Fortunately, not only the guests of these rooms get to enjoy the picturesque panorama, as the scenery is just as special looking out from the terrace and from the café. The beach is a stone’s throw away, and we can even order drinks and dishes to be delivered here.

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