Hotel Neptun is located in the heart of Badacsony, not far from Kishableány, next to Bonvino – with its yellow façade, the place is mostly in transition right now.

However, the five refurbished rooms – that have a Scandinavian vibe due to the designer furniture and pastel colors – on the lower floor of the hotel that is mostly recommended to couples, and the wellness section that’s open from 10m to 6pm, fit right in the new-wave picture of Badacsony. The rooms upstairs have a more antique, puritanical Balaton-feeling.

What makes Neptun stand out from among the others, besides the homely atmosphere and the nice garden where we can rest, is the hotel’s restaurant in the basement called Tilia Borvendéglő. Here they serve breakfast, and the kitchen is a real paradise of game meats with muoflon sausage, pheasant soup, and fallow deer shanks – accompanied by Badacsony-wines, of course.

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