You’ll find a highly acclaimed family of winemakers a house away from Balatonboglár, in Balatonlelle. The founder, János Konyári was a truly restless winemaker: he was in charge of the IKON Winery on Rádi-hegy in Rádpuszta (which used to be the vineyard of the Tihany Abbey) as well as the family winery called Konyári, which he managed together with his globetrotter son Dániel Konyári, who used to work in the vineyards of South Africa and California.

The IKON Winery carries outstanding values in terms of architecture and function, it is in excellent state and produces renowned wines. The vineyards are not only beautiful, but yield particularly healthy crop.

The bottles are filled with both basic and high-end wines, with prices ranging from HUF 1,000 to HUF 6,000. 80% of the wines produced here is red, but the winery also has excellent white and rosé items.

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