Kakpuszta in Belső-Somogy used to be a village with almost five hundred residents, but it became an abandoned ghost town in the 1970s. Although nature already took the place back, the remains of the former houses and the village’s school are still visible.

The “In search of lost plains” Study Trail („Eltűnt puszták nyomában”-tanösvény) is a seven kilometres long walking tour, and although it lacks spectacular natural formations, the tour has the unique atmosphere of abandoned places. The trail starts at the local narrow-gauge railway’s last stop. For a while, the trail goes along the route of Tőzike Study Trail, then the two trails go in different directions. You’ll walk by unique forests, marshes and “blown up” lakes.

You can either go on your own, or you can ask for a tour guide.

Tip: The study trail can be reached with the narrow-gauge train, but the train only operates two times a week. It’s best to get there from the direction of Nagybajom if you’re driving or riding a bike, but only if there wasn’t any rain during the previous couple of days.

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